Overeating Is Normal, but Here Are 9 Tips For Combating Bloat After Your Thanksgiving Feast


Registered dietitian Dalina Soto, RD, LDN, wants you to know that bloating after eating is completely normal and part of digestion. However, when you eat to the point of feeling uncomfortable (it happens!), you may actually have overeaten — and that could very well happen during holiday meals.

Furthermore, Soto wanted to make clear that “it’s normal to eat past the point of fullness when enjoying food,” adding that you should never skip meals in “preparation” for a feast you plan on having. This can, in turn, lend itself to increased eating since you limited yourself prior. If you do end up bloated after a big meal, keep reading for nine tips to help you overcome it.

First, though, it’s important to understand that frequent painful bloating succeeding meals could indicate a bigger problem. Tessa Nguyen, RD, LDN, told POPSUGAR that, as a chef and registered dietitian who works with many clients experiencing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), extreme bloating is a common symptom, especially after consuming “trigger foods” (aka, those high in FODMAPs). The tips that follow are generally for people who do not experience larger issues related to bloating such as IBS and who need more specific guidance in managing their diet.

And, before you start reading the debloating tips ahead, keep in mind what Nguyen wished to reiterate: the holidays, and the food that comes with them, are meant to be enjoyed, period. While you can do your best to listen to your fullness cues, if you do overeat, you shouldn’t be discouraged — we’re here to help.

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