Do Fewer Reps but Feel It More With This 15-Minute Full-Body Booty-Band Workout


Before we talk about this superquick yet effective booty-band workout, it must be noted that Blogilates creator Cassey Ho is using the most adorable matching bands! She prefers these soft fabric knitted bands ($32) because they feel more comfortable than the rubber ones that can pull on your skin. With this 15-minute workout, Ho said she’s leading you through “a total-body band routine that you’ve never experience before,” because she’s using the bands in ways she’s never seen before, like doubling them up and layering them. Sounds intense but awesome, right? This workout will target your arms, your core, your booty, your thighs — everything!

This workout includes 12 moves such as upright rows, rainbow butt kicks, and bridge press-outs. You’ll do one minute of each, with every move followed by a 15-second rest. Ho said what she loves about working out with equipment is that “you can do less reps, in less time, and you feel it even more.”

Of course, if you don’t have one of these fabric bands, you can use the ones made of rubber. And if you don’t own any bands, Ho said you can still do this workout with no equipment. This workout may be short, but your muscles will be feeling it tomorrow! Follow along with Ho by watching the video, or here’s a list of the moves so you can do the workout on your own.

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