Cucumber, Ginger, Lime Juice|| Drink for Hydration, Body Repair and Weight Loss||ChannesCooking

Today we will learn an easy way how to make Cucumber, Ginger and Lime Juice. Cucumber Juice is naturally Hydrating and contains Minerals like Potassium and Magnesium that helps to maintain your bodies fluid balance. It may help to clear up your skin, reduce blood pressure and promote regular bowel movement.

I’m just an original Jamaican girl who loves to cook, mainly focusing on Jamaican Cuisine.

The aim of this channel is to showoff my cooking skills as well as TEACHING and SHARING recipes to those who are confused as to what to prepare daily, whether it be Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

I know there are different ways to prepare a meal but I strongly believe that you will enjoy and love my version. It is DIFFERENT, TASTY and absolutely made with LOVE.

If this is a recipe that you would like to try, please do so and let me know in the comment section how it turns out.

Please enjoy my videos!

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