20 Minute Walking Exercise for Weight Loss – Walk the Weight Off at Home

Weight Loss Workout
This walking exercise for weight loss is one of the easiest and quickest ways to lose weight.
By walking at home, you can easily burn calories and shed pounds quickly and easily!
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So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to lose weight, then give this walking exercise a try!
As your qualified trainer, I am all about giving you the best home workouts so you can simply the best results when it comes to your health.

00:01 Introduction to Walk at Home Weight Lose Walk Workout
00:30 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
01:01 Low Impact Side step and Hamstring Curl and Arm Toner
01:31 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
02:03 Low Impact Core and Ab Kick
02:31 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
03:01 Low Impact Half Star Reaches
03:30 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
04:02 Low Impact Waist Sculpting Knee Lifts
04:31 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
05:02 Low Impact | Inner Thigh Toner Taps
05:31 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
06:01 Low Impact | Side Step and Single Cardio Punches
06:31 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
07:03 Low Impact | Side Step with Double Arm Pull Downs
07:32 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
08:01 Low Impact | Side Step with Arm Pulls
08:32 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
09:03 Low-Impact | Cardio Claps
09:32 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
10:00 Low-Impact |Cross Behind Steps
10:28 Water Break
10:31 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
11:00 Low Impact | Skipping March
11:28 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
12:00 Low Impact | Heel Touches
12:28 Weight Loss Walk Interval
13:02 Low Impact | Side Step with Arm Toning Crossovers
13:30 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
14:01 Low Impact | Double Side Step to Kick
14:29 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
14:59 Low Impact | Side Step with Rolling Arms
15:33 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
16:02 Low Impact | Toe Taps and Arm Pull Downs
16:34 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
17:01 Low Impact | Side Steps with Double Arm Punches
17:31 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
18:00 Low Impact | Side Tp and Double Arm Reach
18:29 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
18:58 Low Impact | Sweeping Arm Side Steps
19:32 Weight Loss Walk | Interval
20:01 Standing Ab and Waist Toner
20:33 High 5

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